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Tokenomics & Security Audit

Our team has already prepared more than 200+ tokenomics for various projects according to requirements and plans.


The tokenomics prepared by our specialists are optimized for:

  • conducting presale rounds (with an indication of the price of each round)

  • listing on the most popular exchanges (tier 1)

  • acquisition of Venture Capitals

  • listing on launchpads

  • appropriate vesting so that the project can achieve long-term success.


Tokenomics depending on the condition (sentiment) of the market takes into account the preparation of the total supply, price per token, valuation, initial USD supply, inflation rate Q1-Q4, collected USD (depending on the client's needs).

Security Audit

All smart contracts we create for our clients are subject to additional security audits, penetration testing and logical code checking.


Audits conducted by:

  • Certik

  • CyberScope

  • Hacken

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